Stream License

Many musicians would like to legally stream or upload their own performances of Michael Ware's music to online video platforms. The MusicWare Press, LLC Steam License makes this very easy. For only a $10 fee per year, an individual or organization can stream or upload unlimited original performances of MusicWare Press, LLC owned music. Here is the verbiage for the license:

The owner of [the email address you provide], whether an individual or organization, is licensed to stream or upload original performances of MusicWare Press, LLC owned music to online video streaming platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, X, Instagram, or others during the year 2024. New uploads or streams in subsequent years will require a new license. This license does not cover restreaming or reuploading MusicWare Press, LLC produced audio or video. Music streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify are not covered in this license, but would require a separate mechanical license. A separate license would also be needed for radio or TV broadcast.

This license only applies to music that shows the following copyright line:

Copyright © [YEAR] MusicWare Press, LLC

Reporting streams or uploads is not required but encouraged. Please use the form below.